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Telemedicine is rapidly evolving as the future of medicine due to continuing advancements in information and communications technologies.

The practice of telemedicine has become a channel for exchange of opinions among health-care professionals as well as real-time consultations between medical practitioners and patients.

The inherently visual nature of the specialty of Dermatology makes it highly adaptable to this form of communication.

The Indian Society of Teledermatology (INSTED) was thus formed to provide access to a number of practitioners in the field of dermatology, not only to facilitate provision of quality clinical care but also as a forum for exchange of views and experiences among practitioners of this specialty.

The Society is affiliated to the International Society of Teledermatology.

The objectives of the Society are:

   1. To utilize modern telecommunication technology to exchange expert medical information in dermatology and allied specialties.

   2. To promote the delivery of dermatologic services.

   3. To provide a well-defined channel for interaction with experts in dermatology from various parts of the country and abroad.

   4. To impart correct information regarding dermatological diseases to the lay public.

   5. To create a platform for direct access of the public to the experts in the field.

   6. To offer assistance in diagnosis and treatment of patients from remote areas with difficult disorders.

   7. To organize scientific meetings on Teledermatology.

   8. To co-operate, affiliate with other bodies and also to engage in such other forms of activities as may be decided upon by the INSTED from time to time for the purpose of carrying out all or any of the objectives of the INSTED.